A Classic Texascape!

 Our usual summer of “hot & dry” is in full swing in the Texas Hill Country.  At times like these it’s nice to think back to spring when rains did occur and the landscape responded.  Such a scene from northwest Gillespie County inspired this painting, which is aptly named “What Rain Does.”  What it does is make the grass grow and the creeks flow!


 The painting is large – 36 x 48 – which provided a great opportunity to try out a new-to-me linen canvas.  Claessens Linen Number 29 is a heavy fabric that has a very pronounced, rough weave (quite different from the more common Number 15).  A perfect way to enhance texture, especially on a large painting.  Here’s what it looks like up close:


  “What Rain Does” is on display at R. S. Hanna Gallery.  Check it out in person to fully experience this painting!


 The March-April issue of Southwest Art magazine has a great write-up on Chuck, which you can see by clicking here.


My first painting video!  All the preparation for a Quick Draw that didn’t happen turned into a perfect opportunity to make a fast-paced video.  Check it out below.  The painting took about 45 minutes in real time, but this was sped up in the movie for entertainment value.  For those artists and friends who would like to know more about the process, please click here for a pdf that explains it all.